Another edition of the festival "Muses on the Water" starts on Lake Pancharevo
Photo: Фестивалът ще се открие с балета „Лебедово езеро“. The festival will open with the ballet "Swan Lake"
14 Jul 2023Bulgarian National Radio

Another edition of the festival "Muses on the Water" starts on Lake Pancharevo

The Sofia Opera and Ballet once again brings its spectacles amidst nature. For the 4th consecutive year Lake Pancharevo will become a natural set for the performances of the festival "Muses on the Water". The festival will open tonight with the ballet "Swan Lake".

The programme includes 8 titles, including the musical "Mamma Mia" and the opera "Der fleigende Holländer".

Opera masterpieces – ballet classics and musicals will again be presented on the stage under the stars. More about the event told to Radio Sofia, Marta Petkova – prima ballerina and Artistic director of the ballet at Sofia Opera and Ballet, which tonight the audience will be able to see in a double role of Odette and Odile.

"Lake Pancharevo is one of our favourite stages – a wonderful stage in the lake itself, which always arouses enormous interest for the audience as it is a wonderfully chosen destination and naturally "Swan Lake" is a logical start of the festival," says the prima ballerina.

She revealed that the performances of "Swan Lake" will be not one, but six, this week and next week, in which we will be able to see Martha Petkova, Nikola Hadjitanev, Katerina Petrova, Tsetso Ivanov, Boryana Petrova and Emil Yordanov, "our ballet premier soloists, stars of our theatre", she explained.

Marta Petkova expressed hope that there will be good weather conditions.

"Because not only until the end of July will we be there. We have 20 performances coming up. The finale of the Wagner Festival will also end on the Pancharevo stage with 2 performances of "Der fleigende Holländer".

The "Muses on the Water" festival will continue until the end of August. We will be able to see the performances "Swan Lake" "Carmina Burana", "Bolero", "Carmen" "A Midsummer Night's Dream" – a serious palette of ballet titles to make it diverse for our audience, assured Marta Petkova.

There is also a debut in the programme – of Frederico Pinto, in the role of Basil, who will dance with Kristina Chochanova in "Don Quixote" and this will also be very curious, the prima ballerina pointed out.

The start of the "Muses on the Water" festival will be tonight, at 20 h.

Listen to more details from the conversation with Marta Petkova in the audio file.