The Opera takes part in the touristic business
09 Dec 2021Sofia Opera and Ballet

The Opera takes part in the touristic business

On 9 December in the Grand Hotel Millennium in Sofia took place the Twentieth annual meeting of the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Touristic Agents (ABTOTA). At the meeting were present Dimitrina Goranova, President of the Board of Managers of ABTOTA, Stela Baltova, Minister of Tourism. Welcome speech held also Eric Dresin, Secretary General of ЕКТАА. In seven work panels was shared the experience of the professionals during their quarter of a century jubilee. Expressed was the opinion that Covid-19 exerted an enormous influence over the world touristic industry, although the touristic agents and the tour operators continue to be a main link of the chain for creation of value in tourism.

In work panel 3 a presentation made Hristina Staneva, Deputy Director of the Sofia Opera and Ballet. Her subject was “A meeting between art and business”. She emphasized that the attracting of foreign admirers of operatic art is a strategy of Academician Plamen Kartaloff, Director of the Sofia Opera and Ballet. In it are put a lot of efforts in the last years and it brings remarkable results. Staneva pointed out that the economic impact of the opera over the society is big. The spectators not only buy tickets, they use hotels, restaurants, excursions. They turn into ambassadors of the country, in which they were guests.

The opera is especially attractive for tourism, because it offers an exceptional experience. Not by chance big opera theatres around the world have support from the state and leading touristic businesses.

The attracting of considerable number of tourists from abroad began with the staging of separate parts of the tetralogy “Der Ring des Nibelungen” by Richard Wagner. The beginning was set in 2010, and three years later after, in 2013 the work was performed in its entire cycle. Then for the first time we saw in the hall 65% spectators from abroad. There were organized visits from 15 countries, mainly members of the so-called Wagner Society.

Another example for the economic impact for the region is the festival “Opera of the Peaks” – Belogradchik Rocks. The spectacles there were visited by more than 25 000 spectators.

To be manifestation of art and successful undertaking isn’t mission impossible. A strategy is necessary, artistic quality of no compromise, adequate informative advertising activity and constant focus on the end effect – on the audience.

The Sofia Opera is opened for partnership with the touristic branch. With our knowledge and rich repertoire, we are sure that we can offer unforgettable experience to our guests from the country and abroad.