30 Mar 2014


Triumph also at the second of the spectacles in the cycle “Tutto Verdi” of Sofia Opera and BalletCountless spontaneous cries “Bravo” and long minutes of applause accompanied the concert performance of “Nabucco” with the participation of our renowned baritone Vladimir Stoyanov and of the world-known bass Carlo Colombara. The second title of the cycle “Tutto Verdi” with the special participation of Stoyanov provoked acclamations and enthusiasm, and the spectacle, dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the legend Boris Christoff, was at an exceptionally high level.

The audience estimated the class of the spectacle still at the beginning, by sending off with enthusiasm the overture of Verdi’s third opera and by applauding for a long time the arias and the ensembles, as well as the participations of the opera chorus. With endless ovation “Bravo” the spectators encouraged the “singing competition” on the stage of Sofia Opera and Ballet between Stoyanov (Nabucco), Colombara (Zaccaria) and the rest of the soloists. With the unimpeachable support of the orchestra under the baton of Erich Wächter, the spectacle gained speed with every passing minute for the great pleasure of the spectators.

The high degree which the performance reached still in its first part continued to rise after the interval, when Stoyanov and Colombara demonstrated in most explicit way the qualities which make them wanted on the most prestigious stages all over the world. Their worthy partners were Bayasgalan Dashnyam (Abigaille), who once again showed why she has for more than 10 years this role in her repertoire, Tsveta Sarambelieva (Fenena), Krasimir Dinev (Ismaele), Angel Hristov (High Priest), Plamen Papazikov and Silvana Pravcheva. The audience had often no patience to wait for the orchestra ends of the performances and drew them with cries “Bravo” and with energetic applauses.

The wonderful performance of “Nabucco” ended with about 20-minutes enthusiastic storms of applause on feet from the entire hall.