18 Jan 2014


Except on Saturday and Sunday, two concerts per day will happen also on Thursday and Friday

The unusually young audience started from early morning crowding the newly opened hall “Bebotsi” (which means “Babies“ in Bulgarian) for the first “Concert for Bebotsi”. Most impatient turned out to be Emma Bardarova (with 2 years and 9 months) and Yavor Kafelov (with 2 years and 10 months), accompanied by their parents. Both of them have already experience with classical music, in contrast of the most little visitor of the concert – the two-month old Maria Siridzhanova! After her mother’s words, she has slept through half of the concert, but she has definitely enjoyed its “awake” part. But her 2-year old sister Dea, as well as the rest of the about twenty infant visitors have sincerely amused themselves with the songs, dances, tricks and jokes of the performers Maria Pavlova, Rositsa Pavlova-Indzhova, Galya Atanasova, Emil Pavlov and Alexander Georgiev and the children from Ballet School “Silhouette”.

A part of the young audience have for the first time heard live the sound of the violin, cello, flute, trumpet, percussions and piano in works by Puccini, Mozart, Humperdinck, Bizet, songs for children and music by Bulgarian authors, presented by the music pedagogue Maria Momirova and performed by soloists from the orchestra of Sofia Opera and Ballet.

The 45 minutes of the first “Concert for Bebotsi” slipped by for the children and their parents. At the concert was present also Mrs. Radina Veleva – representative of foundation “I want a baby” – co-organizer of the event. The director Yulia Krasteva shared, that she, together with her colleagues, is already thinking over different programs, through which Sofia Opera and Ballet could meet the great interest to such concerts. From now on, except on Saturday and Sunday at 11.00 h, “Concerts for Bebotsi“ will happen also every Thursday and Friday at 11.00 and 17.00 h.

“With these concerts we would like at least for one hour to protect the children, our future, from the aggression on the street and from the low quality music, which surround them. We hope with your support to succeed doing this” – with these words the Director of Sofia Opera and Ballet Mr. Plamen Kartaloff – initiator of the event, adressed the parents present in the hall at the end of the first “Concert for Bebotsi“. While the little visitors of the concerts were leaving the theatre, in the big hall grown up nippers were enjoying the spectacle “Aladino e la lampada magica“ – a very frequented title from the Program for Children of Sofia Opera and Ballet.

The concerts are organized every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11.00 h and every Thursday and Friday – at 17.00 h at Sofia Opera and Ballet.

Ticket price for adults – BGN 8.

The babies from 0 to 3 years are official guests of Sofia Opera and Ballet and they don’t pay for tickets.

Ticket price for elder sister, elder brother over 3, who are accompanying our official guest – BGN 8. With one adult can enter maximum 3 children.

Because of the huge interest, tickets for “Concerts for Bebotsi” are on sale with advanced reservation or online in the site of Sofia Opera and Ballet www.operasofia.bgYou can make a reservation for these concerts also on Tel. 02-981-15-49

or on the e-mail address at the Ticket office of Sofia Opera and Ballet, 1, Vrabcha Str.