Premiere – “Lilly and the magic pearl” – Spectacle for children by Lyubomir Denev after Valeri Petrov’s fairy-tale “Puk!”
15 Aug 2016

Premiere – “Lilly and the magic pearl” – Spectacle for children by Lyubomir Denev after Valeri Petrov’s fairy-tale “Puk!”

Dear audience,

Welcome to the premiere of the Sofia Opera



Music: Lyubomir Denev

In the vast ocean of texts for children, Valeri Petrov’s fairy-tale “Puk!” is like a rescue island for the exhausted from swimming spectators.

Here there is everything:

- An excellent story with sharp and dynamical situations.

- A wonderful dialogue – for the most little and not so little spectators.

- And the most important – the words build images to be remembered.

- The characters – fishes, octopuses, medusas, taking part in the story bear features of the human characters, and that is why they become known and close to the children.

- Much music, verses and songs.

- Artistic compositions at the development of the figurative decisions.

- Fairy costumes.

- English variant of the spectacle, which will contribute for its presentation also on foreign stages.

“Lilly and the magic pearl” is an opera spectacle for the little spectators and their parents – gay, multi-coloured, optimistic.

The premiere will be on 25 February 2017 at 18:00 h on the big stage of the Sofia Opera.

- Duration of the spectacle – 70 minutes.

- Original music, performed live by the orchestra of the Sofia Opera.

- 15 songs, performed by soloists and by the Pim-Pam Children’s Vocal Group.

- Ballet dancers of the Sofia Opera.

- Dances of children from the Masha Ilieva Ballet School.

-  Sets – a combination between stage and animation, made with 2D and 3D programme.


Text: Valeri Petrov

Music: Lyubomir Denev

Costumes: Marta Mironska

Choreography: Masha Ilieva, Tatyana Andonova

Set Design: Anastas Yanakiev

Stage Director: Anri Kulev

Orchestra, singers and ballet dancers of the Sofia Opera, children from the Masha Ilieva Ballet School, the Pim-Pam Children’s Vocal Group.

The efforts of the team are to make a gay, cheerful, filled with adventures opera spectacle, which grasps the children’s imagination.


One submarine fairy-tale, in which the matter is about surface things. Friendship, parting, hope... Words, which we have slightly forgotten in our days, but they are important – and this is why we would like to recollect them again.

Little Lilly listens from the telephone box on the beach a fairy-tale, which leads her to the seabed. There she meets an ugly monster – the fish Hrilly – and together they start looking for the magic pearl, which:

“Shines in the sea

of the children’s games

a pearl, which

makes us better.“

But for this goodness under the water one must pay and everyone hurries up to take his own. The meetings of Lilly with the sea inhabitants get more and more dangerous, because the Medusa, and the Turbot, and the Octopus, and the Mussel want just one thing – to have a bite... with Lilly. And she, pursuing steadfastly her dream – the pearl – with ease escapes the complex situations, in which she finds herself. And everywhere cautiously and tactfully Hrilly – the frightful and prickly fish – helps her. At the first sight evil and frowning, he turns out to be with a soft and romantic temper. The longing for friendship Hrilly is actually the hidden character of the fairy-tale. Of course, there intervenes also the Wrinkled Man, with his funny nostalgia for the youth, but this is only in order the elder spectators, who have come with their children at the opera to see this marvellous story, not to get bored.

Characters and performers. Production team.