TOWN MUSICIANS OF BREMEN – Premiere – Musical for children by Alexander Vladigerov
26 Sep 2014

TOWN MUSICIANS OF BREMEN – Premiere – Musical for children by Alexander Vladigerov

Musical by Al. Vladigerov 
Text of the songs – Dimitar Dimitrov 
Scenario – Yulia Krasteva 

Conductor – Stefan Nedyalkov 
Director – Yulia Krasteva
Set Designer – Pavlina Eusterhus 
Costume Designer – Elena Shopova 
Choreographer – Svetlin Ivelinov 
Multimedia – Elena Shopova 

Characters and performers: 

Anton Radev, Stefan Vladimirov 

Alexander Georgiev 

Ilia Iliev 

The Cock
Nikolay Pavlov, Evgeni Dimitrov 

Gang Leader of the Robbers
Silvana Pravcheva 

The Tavern Keeper
Valentina Slavova 

Anna Gavrailova, Antonia Ivanova, Gergana Dudina, Gergana Ryasheva, Maria Pavlova, Nadya Koleva, Rositsa Pavlova-Indzheva, Srebrina Sekulova, Tsvetelina Kotseva

Town Musicians of Bremen”, musical for small and big children by Alexander Vladigerov

“There was once upon a time…” – this way begin many fairy-tales. The musical “Town Musicians of Bremen” was written after the fairy-tale of Brothers Grimm “Town Musicians of Bremen”. The story is about a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cock, grown old and become useless for their masters, who are trying to get rid of them in the worst way. One by one the animals run away. They meet by chance and decide to go to the town, where to become musicians and live freely. On the way, however, they come across one house, in which live robbers. Thanks to a clever plan the animals frighten them and chase them away from their house. The characters start living merrily and happily in their new home.

Today one of the sight-seeings of Bremen (Germany) is the bronze statue, created by the sculptor Gerhard Marx in 1951, representing the characters from Brothers Grimm’s fairy-tale “Town Musicians of Bremen”.

Composer of the musical “Town Musicians of Bremen” is Alexander Vladigerov. It is known that he was partial to jazz, like his father Pancho Vladigerov. When we add his wonderfully developed sense of humour, which he interweaves in his music works – the result is one merry and very amusing already musical fairy-tale. The musical “Town Musicians of Bremen” with initial title “The Merry Town Musicians” was written in 1971 for smaller, as well as for bigger children.

The musical is popular not only in our country – only in Japan it was watched by more than half a million children.

Conductor: Stefan Nedyalkov,                    Director: Yulia Krasteva