Plamen Kartaloff: Like a real Bulgarian Boris Christoff waved the flag of Bulgaria all over the world
01 Jun 2014

Plamen Kartaloff: Like a real Bulgarian Boris Christoff waved the flag of Bulgaria all over the world

The jubilee conference “100 years Boris Christoff” was held at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

A conference dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Boris Christoff took place in the Big hall of BAN. Co-organizers were the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Sofia Opera and Ballet.

The forum began with one minute of silence in memory of the deceased Bulgarian bass Nicola Ghiuselev, the last respect to whom was paid in the morning at Sofia Opera and Ballet.

The Deputy President of BAN Acad. Damyan Damyanov, who opened the conference, expressed his satisfaction of the fact that the cooperation between science (BAN) and art (Sofia Opera), has become traditional and the third conference about a musician of genius is dedicated to the “colossus” of the world art of the opera Boris Christoff.

“I am happy that several days the media are speaking about great Bulgarian artists, who have contributed exceptionally much to the international image of our country”, said Acad. Plamen Kartaloff. “Like a real Bulgarian Boris Christoff waved the flag of Bulgaria all over the world”, added Maestro Kartaloff. He remembered about his work with Boris Christoff during the last years of his life. Shown were unknown until recently frames from the personal archive of Plamen Kartaloff with Boris Christoff from the Bulgarian Academy of Art and Culture in Rome.

Acad. Kartaloff added that the production of the opera “Boris Godunov” in front of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral from 27-29 June will be dedicated to the three great Bulgarian basses – Boris Christoff, Nicolai Ghiaurov and Nicola Ghiuselev.

Dr. Momchil Georgiev, co-ordinator of the National program “100 years Boris Christoff”, shared his joy that during the whole year all over the world is being festively marked Boris Christoff’s birthday anniversary.

The special guest at the event Maurizio Modugno – a music critic, author of the book “Boris Christoff – life, voice, art” shared interesting facts from Boris Christoff’s life in Italy. Maurizio Modugno declared that Boris Christoff owned great moral power and has been always led by the love to his Motherland.

“Besides about the great singer with special voice to be remembered, when we talk about Boris Christoff, we must talk also about the great actor. Bulgaria and Italy are thanking for the personality of Boris Christoff”, concluded his speech Maurizio Modugno.

Lada Brashovanova from the Music Society “Boris Christoff” shared not very well-known facts from her correspondence with Boris Christoff. According to her he contributed to the Bulgarian national spirit by uniting with his art believers and atheists.

The singer Pali Marinov, who since years lives in France, told some moments of his professional and life meetings with Boris Christoff.

The pianist Alexander Hinchev, who gave concerts together with Boris Christoff in the period 1976-1984 declared that Boris Christoff was not only a great singer, but he was also one of the greatest world musicians of his age.

Nevena Koralova, editor of many years in editorial office “Classical music” of the Bulgarian National Radio, shared curious facts around the shooting of some documentaries, dedicated to the world bass, his life and career.

Dimitar Sotirov from Sofia Opera and Ballet appealed the responsible for the celebration of Boris Christoff’s Anniversary to take care about the archive, connected with him at the Bulgarian National Radio and the Bulgarian National Television, in order the memory of the great performer to be kept and transferred to the next generations.

The guests at the conference saw recordings of Boris Christoff and heard in life performances of the choir of the National High School for Ancient Languages and Cultures with conductor Daniel Ivanov.

The conference was held under the patronage of the Chairman of the National Assembly Mihail Mikov and with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

The event is a part of the national celebration of Boris Christoff’s Anniversary.