30 Apr 2014


Debut of the well-known soprano Bayasgalan Dashnyam in the role of Aida

In the role of Amonasro guest-performer will be the great baritone Ivan Konsulov
– on 10 May, Saturday, at 11 h
Before Bayasgalan Dashnyam is forthcoming a challenge. On 10 May at 11 h she will make her debut with the role of Aida from the opera of the same name by Verdi. Up to this moment the visit card of the well-known soprano of Sofia Opera and Ballet was the role of Turandot by Puccini. In the role of Amonasro the admirers of the art of the opera will hear as guest-performer the great baritone Ivan Konsulov.

Bayasgalan Dashnyam was born in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. She arrived in Bulgaria to study singing in 1986. She graduated the State Academy of Music “P. Vladigerov” in 1994 in the class of Prof. Konstantin Karapetrov. From 2001 to 2005 she constantly took part in the master classes of Ghena Dimitrova. She has been soloist of Sofia Opera since 2002. Her repertoire consists of some of the hardest soprano parts: Turandot, Madama Butterfly and Tosca by Puccini, Lady Macbeth and Abigaille from “Nabucco” by Verdi, Santuzza from “Cavalleria rusticana” by Mascagni. She has sung on opera stages in the country and in Europe. About Bayasgalan one of the spectators K. Dencheva wrote on 23.04. 2010 at the website of the Opera: “I had the pleasure to watch and most of all to LISTEN to the lady yesterday in the role of Princess Turandot. A wonderful, strong and masterful voice with very interesting artistic presence. People must see it!”

Bayasgalan has won and continues to win the Sofia audience in the most difficult soprano role – Turandot, which she has performed over 80 times. With the skilful mastery of the voice, with the confident heights, with the ease of emission, with the nuances, the accents and the pianissimos, with the femininity which she lent to the character of the “icy” princess, this part turned out to be her crown role so far. According to the soprano in “Turandot” she is as if most close to Ghena Dimitrova. “To Ghena Dimitrova I was presented by Prof. Konstantin Karapetrov – remembers Baysa. With her it was as if I started everything from the very beginning, and moreover on a sound basis. I had the good fortune to work out every detail of this incredibly difficult part with the best performer in the world according to me. Ghena Dimitrova was for me also tutor, and adviser, and vocal pedagogue, and close friend. With her I was feeling myself free, without anxieties. She was direct in her judgements, criticism and praises.

And I cherish sincerity very much. I was not hurt by her remarks, but I was doing my best for them to be fewer, because I trusted her without reserve. Actually, I owe to her my singing technique. With her I have retuned, so to say, my vocal organs and I learnt the secrets of free singing, without flexing my muscles and throat.

Since 9 years Ghena Dimitrova is not among us, but I am always feeling her support, especially if any of the spectacles goes difficultly. She was a magnetic personality. She was carrying a strong emotional intensity, which she transmitted to the people around her – colleagues and audience.As if fate made me depart to Bulgaria in order to meet my great teacher. At that time we, the young singers from Mongolia, had the right to choose to study with state scholarship in Moscow or in Sofia. I preferred to come here, because my compatriots, who graduated in your country, were singing easily, beautifully, naturally and freely. Namely this attracted me – I wanted to sing with a smile on my face and the singing to give pleasure not only to me, but most of all to the people. As a student I had no special difficulties. To Prof. Konstantin Karapetrov I owe much regarding theory of music, music styles and interpretation. The difficulties came after my graduation. I had no work for quite a lot time, and to be able to live I had to earn my living as waitress and saleswoman. But I am not complaining, I am aware that big difficulties experiences the whole Bulgarian people. The work with Ghena Dimitrova gave me strength and confidence. The next year I won a competition for the Opera in Sofia. I am proud that I succeeded and that I am on this stage, which opened the way before many world singers. Other foreigners have also studied and studied together with me in Sofia, but they didn’t stand the competition of the Bulgarian voices.

And for me Aida is really an attractive challenge. That is why I have chosen it. I like the characters with strong spirit and temper, even though in the opera literature they are always victims. In return, the beauty of music is intransient and I am happy to present it, to share it with my audience.

There are no light parts. For one singer it is important to have training and psyche of iron and that is why I am approaching the recreation of the role of Aida with my high criterion for responsibility.”

10.05.2014 11:00
Participants: Dimitar Stanchev, Cinzia Chiarini, Bayasgalan Dashnyam, Stoyan Daskalov, Angel Hristov, Ivan Konsulov, Hrisimir Damyanov, Lyubov Metodieva