Musical by Alexander Vladigerov

50 minutes and no intermission.


“Once upon a time there lived an old she-goat. She had seven kids and she loved them as a mother loves her children. Once she decided to go in the wood for food. She called the kids to come around her and told them:

– My dear children, I am going in the wood. Beware of the Wolf! If he enters here, he will eat all of you, together with your hide and bones. This criminal often transforms himself, but you will however recognize him at once by his hoarse voice and black legs...”
This is the beginning of the famous fairy-tale The Wolf and the Seven Kids by the Brothers Grimm, which is at the base of the libretto by Yulia Krasteva and Dimatar Dimitrov of the musical The Wolf and the Seven Kids by the well-known composer Alexander Vladigerov.

The idea of the authors of the work is that good always wins over evil. However ingenious in his lies the Wolf may be, he will suffer defeat in his lust to eat the kids. In the libretto by Yulia Krasteva and Dimitar Dobrev the Wolf doesn’t die, but he is sent to the zoo.
“The bad end teaches the children to revenge, to other manners, and in nature and in life there has to be harmony and understanding among people. I would like in this cheerful musical, built on the basis of classical jazz, everyone – artists and children to sing, dance and their faces to shine with joy” – shared Yulia Krasteva.

Director is Yulia Krasteva, and conductor – Stefan Nedyalkov.

In the musical for children, intended for children at the age of 3 to 10 years and for their parents will take part:

Blagovesta Mekki-Tsvetkova, Ilia Iliev, Alexander Georgiev, Atanas Yonkov,  Anna Gavrailova,  Aleksandra Nosikova, Rada Toteva, Tsvetelina Kotseva, Nadya Koleva.

Répétiteur ist Petar Belneev.

The spectacle The Wolf and the Seven Kids continues 50 minutes without a interval.

24.01.2021 / 16:00 - Cast:

Production team: