Ballet-fairy-tale by Sergei Prokofieff.



One-act ballet – fairy-tale
Sergei Prokofiev

Choreography and directing
Riolina Topalova

Every little girl dreams of becoming a ballerina. To put on the beautiful ballet slippers, the exquisite tutu and to twirl in a magical dance like a true princess. Like in the fairy tale about Cinderella. The good fairy will make dreams come true. In one night miracles will happen that will change the world, fill it with goodness and beauty.

For its youngest fans the ballet company of the National Opera House has prepared a new experience. Cinderella by Sergei Prokofiev will be recreated on the Little stage by the choreographer and director Riolina Topalova. The chorographer is following the tale of Charles Perrault as in her interpretation all the characters are good. Only the stepmother is kept according to the original vision of the author. The little spectators will recognize their favourite characters, will feel the magic in the night of the ball, and will meet the friends of Cinderella accompanying her to the ball. The two sisters will be contrasting although not bad characters – the conflict will come solely from the ambitions of their mother. The lovely Cinderella will win her Prince’s love and the tale will have a happy end.

Riolina Topalova has directed the main characters with great sense of comedy and has brought humour and joy in the scenes. The purpose is for the children to fully enjoy the performance, convinced that in the end the good is always victorious.