Ballet by Ludwig Minkus / Opening of the ballet season



Choreography and directing
Petar Lukanov

Set Designer
Ivan Popov

Costume Designer
Tsvetanka Petkova-Stoynova

Maria Ilieva, Yasen Valchanov, Trifon Mitev

Assistant and Stage Manager
Riolina Topalova

Artistic Director of the Ballet

Five debuts in the spectacle:
John Abenanty
in the role of Basilio, Venera Hristova in the roles of Carmencita and Mercedes, Maria Yordanova in the roles of the Queen of Dryads and Red Tutu,
Bogomil Menkize
and Vyara Ivancheva in the roles of a Couple of Friends.

Again in the spectacle
Kristina Chochanova
in the role of Kitri



Scene I
Barcelona. In the square in front of Lorenzo’s inn there is a merry-making. Among the young people is his daughter – the playful Kitri. Here is also the barber Basilio, who is in love with her. Lorenzo doesn’t like the poor suitor. He favours more the rich Gamache, who wants to marry Kitri. The crowd welcomes the street dancer Carmencita and the toreador Espada. The appearance of the knight Don Quixote and his servant Sancho Panza evokes a common astonishment. Don Quixote is struck by Kitri’s beauty, in which he sees the gorgeous Dulcinea from his dreams.

Scene II
Kitri and Basilio have run away from Lorenzo and Gamache. By chance they find themselves in a gypsy camp. Soon there appears Don Quixote too, who starts a fight against his imaginary enemies.

Scene III
Don Quixote’s dream. He is in the world of the dryads, among who he sees Kitri in the face of the beautiful Dulcinea.

Scene IV
In the inn everybody is having a good time. Here are Kitri and Basilio. There comes Lorenzo, who again declares categorically his will: his daughter Kitri must marry Gamache. Basilio acts out a scene of suicide. Kitri implores Don Quixote to persuade her father to meet Basilio’s dying request – to bless their love. When Lorenzo fulfils his daughter’s wish, all of a sudden Basilio “comes back to life”.

Scene V
The wedding of Kitri and Basilio. Don Quixote occupies the place of honour among the guests. The noble knight wishes the young couple happiness and wends his way again.

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