Like a sparkling toast offered the Sofia Opera its most watched production “Mamma mia!” to the guests in the Albena Resort, who came specially for the New Year holidays, on 30 December. The crowded luxurious hall of the Casino was swelling with wonderful mood and emotions. ABBA’s songs were interpreted into a real theatre under the direction of Plamen Kartaloff, a master of the musical. Naturally, in order to obtain the dynamics and the rhythm of the stage close-ups of the passing like lightning scenes and episodes, were attracted the best performers. Singing, acting and dances in a homogenous synthesis were merging also with the personal charisma of each artist, brightly tinging every single moment of the spectacle.

Vesela Delcheva is the star of this unique show, together with the first-class partnership of Lucy Kozareva, Denitsa Shopova, Yanitsa Maslenkova, Nikolay Pavlov, Vlado Mihaylov, Niki Sotirov, Boyan Arsov and others.

Conductor of the spectacle was Svetoslav Lazarov.

More than half an hour the audience was applauding this feast, which will remain as a precious experience in its hearts forever.

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