TOSCA - Opera by Giacomo Puccini


Tosca - Giacomo Puccini - Synopsis



Dear visitors,

Buying a ticket means acceptance of these terms.

Every visitor must:

  • check the title, date, venue and time of the performance printed on the ticket at the time of purchase;
  • keep his/her ticket, accompanied by a cash receipt, until the end of the performance.

No refunds are made or duplicates issued for stolen, lost or damaged tickets.

Since the performances take place outdoors, the Sofia Opera and Ballet reserves the right to change the date, venue and time of the performance. In the event of deterioration in the weather conditions there may be delays or interruptions to the performance. The performance is considered to be fulfilled if it has reached the middle of the first act.

In case the performance is cancelled for reasons of force majeure such as earthquake, weather conditions, strike, lockout, fire, epidemic, National mourning, state decree, local authority order, terrorist act or any other cause, outside the human control, the Sofia Opera and Ballet is exempt from presenting the performance.

Amounts for purchased tickets are refunded only in case the performance for which they have been purchased has been cancelled due to the fault of the Sofia Opera and Ballet.

It is forbidden to admit children under 5 years of age.

It is forbidden to bring in and use recording devices, professional cameras and camcorders, as well as taking pictures by telephone and other devices. Food and beverages are not allowed. Smoking is forbidden. Pets are not allowed.

The purchased ticket does not provide transport to the town of Belogradchik.

Upon transmission of the event on television, the visitor agrees to be filmed with all technical means and the recordings made during or in connection with the event to be used free of charge without limitation of time and place.

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