A LEGEND OF THE LAKE - Ballet by music by Pancho Vladigerov

LEGEND OF THE LAKE Ballet on music by Pancho Vladigerov

Libretto, Choreography and Direction Donvena Pandoursky   The Prince: Nikola Hadjitanev, Emil Yordanov, Tsetso Ivanov The Lake Maiden: Marta Petkova,  Katerina Petrova, Pamela Pandova The Warrior Woman: Katerina Petrova, Venera Hristova, Sofia Tsutsakova The Sun God: Tsetso Ivanov, Rosen Kanev, Mattew Wittle The Stone Lord: Rosen Kanev, Trifon Mitev, John Abenanty The... Read more...

On 15 March at the Sofia Opera and Ballet is upcoming the premiere of the ballet “A Legend of the Lake” by Pancho Vladigerov. The premiere is dedicated to the 120th Anniversary of the great Bulgarian composer and is under the patronage of the President of the Republic, Mr. Rumen Radev.

The next premiere spectacles are on 16 and 17 March. Producer and choreographer of the premiere spectacle is Donvena Pandoursky, who for 30 years has been living and working in Germany. She produces also on the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre. Together with Donvena Pandoursky at the Sofia Opera and Ballet on “A Legend of the Lake” are working: Pavel Shappo – set and costume designer of the production, Alexander Naumov – lighting designer and Vyacheslav Khomyakov – ballet master-répétiteur. The three of them produce at the Mariinsky Theatre. Pandoursky herself is exceptionally grateful, as she said, that she is working with the young and talented ballet of the National opera, with Artistic director of the ballet – Sara-Nora Krysteva, with the entire team of the ballet, who are constantly by her side in the work process.

In the ballet “A Legend of the Lake” come to life the rich colouring and poetic spirit of Pancho Vladigerov’s music. The action takes place in a fairy-tale time and at a fairy-tale place. Phantasy and reality interweave into a dramatical story about human being and nature, about love and hatred, peace and war. The new interpretation is seeking modern sounding of the eternal values of life.

After the premiere in 1962 of the ballet “A Legend of the Lake” by Pancho Vladigerov, this work comes to new life again on the stage of the Sofia Opera and Ballet on the occasion of the great composer’s 120th Anniversary.

The libretto is looking for new dimensions of the image and intonational layers and the ballet lexis.

About the music of “A Legend of the Lake” the critic Violeta Konsulova marked: “The true colour is defined by Pancho Vladigerov’s orchestration of many shades, by its exuberance, with which are moulded the plastic images.”

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