Jurij Franko


Prospot d.o.o., Slovenia

Prospot d.o.o. is Slovenian production company. Founded and led by Jurij Franko, famous Yugoslavian skier from eighties, Prospot d.o.o. produces theatre and musical shows – Grease (2018), Mamma Mia! (2015), The Sound of Music (2008), I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, Moped Show Live are some of the most successful Prospot d.o.o. productions. Quality and success in the field of musical production are confirmed through various Prospot’s co-productions of musical Mamma Mia! with theatres and partners in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania and now in Bulgaria.

Coproduction with Sofia Opera is our sixth and latest production of Mamma Mia!. It is the most unusual (for the fact that it is co-produced with the National Opera) and dramatically involved production so far. My praise goes out to prof. Plamen Kartaloff and the entire creative team at the Sofia Opera who have been able to put together the show in the shortest period of time, which attests to tremendous experience, professionalism and efficiency of the organization.

Enthusiasm of the actors and the entire team has been present from “day-one” of the production and it only grew throughout the very intense and demanding process of the creation of the show. This energy and passion come to life every time performers take to the stage. The combination of Abba’s music and songs being performed in the Bulgarian language, combined with the extravagant stage design and the drama, which prof. Kartaloff so well accentuates, Mamma Mia! at Sofia opera exceeds every expectation and surpasses productions seen on Broadway and West End.

Enjoy, laugh, cry, dance and sing with us!

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